Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring will come!

Well it's happened, spring has arrived! Right along with the time change too!
I figure I lose an hour of fishing, every time they do that.
Don't mind losing sleep, but less fishing?
The river is close to muddy, with just a hint of deep green.
Snowed like crazy last night, in the classic sierra cement style.
The rain/slush made driving sketchy, and closed I-80 this morning.
Winter is battling back, but I have faith it will be warm again someday.
Saw a couple of feisty Rainbows earlier this week, both showing signs of spawn color.
It has been a great early season, fishing small flies over big fish.
But now, I'm ready for spring.
Searching about for any sign of spring, I'll submit that a Skwala stonefly hatch is a serious one.
Saw them near Glenshire this week, molting, and running around on the snow.
Then they do their seemingly suicidal stroll out onto the surface tension in the shallows.
The females ovi-positing send out little rings that call to trout, saying "Eeaatt mmeee!
This time last year the stream ran clear, and we caught BIG browns with Skwala dry flies.
Not so this year, we will have muddy flows. So it goes.
With the influx of new bugs, I'm seeing more birds everyday.
How do they know? They are making an important bet, that they can't afford to lose.
That kind of commitment helps me believe spring will return.
Watched some Ravens cavorting today, barrel-rolls and playing grab-foot.
Looked like breeding behavior to me. Fun/sexy/risky.
They seem to start that stuff before everybody else.
My theory, is that they feed their chicks, the chicks of others.
So they need a little head-start.
In life, timing is everything, and you have to work all the angles.
On that note, there is a happy hour nearby that I shouldn't miss.
Got a client there last week.
While getting my one meal a day, and frosty beverage at a discount.....
Speaking of angles.