Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Profiling!

Don't assume this profiling thing is a one way street!
Walk heavily, cast a shadow on the water, wave your fly rod around, wear white, and do that silly "Shadow Casting" thing, and you will have a hard time catching a fish.
The fish know what these things mean.....
I've watched fish, as dog walkers stroll by. They don't quit feeding. Walk up with a fly rod and they'll slide to the other side of the stream.
Fish don't think like we do, but they do learn.
Fish can live six or more years, and some are caught and released dozens of times.
This "bad practice" teaches them how to avoid us.
If they get better at the game, you need too as well.
If you don't believe me, try being in their shoes, so to speak.
I always say, we wouldn't be an obese society, if we had to check every fork full of food, for a hook.
Maybe I should publish Bigflys' "Hook Diet"!
(Lose twenty pounds in a week! Just stir a couple of hooks into every dish.)
Next time you seriously go fishing.
Try holding up a mirror up to profile yourself.
I bet you start catching more fish.