Monday, July 5, 2010

Truckee River 7-7-10

Delight!!! The looong spring has moved on.....
It is officially summer, high temps 70+, massive radiation exposure. Man this feels good.
Flowers blooming, critters running around, birds singing arias.
Fishing has picked up too.
The bite has shifted to earlier and later.
Lots of bugs!
Grass hoppers, PMDs, little yellow sallies, small goldens, and midges both cream and black.
A smattering of drakes.
A streamer may do some good too.
The flows are down 6" in the last three days.
Clear and fishable. H2O temp 63.
Large raft hatch this weekend. The last wave of them floated through by 7:00pm.
That leaves 1 uninterupted hour to say hi to walter.