Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scheduling a fish.

Blog #4 Truckee River Tips

I guess because we can drive to a store 24-7, we think the same thing works for fish.
Not so....
If you want to do well with the finny guys, check their schedule.
Right now, it is get up very early, and stay out very late if you want the love.
High noon is a good time to nap, or spend some quality time with family.
The fishing pressure increases, and the bite diminishes as the sun slides high across the sky.
It's not just the fish either, all the critters lay low when the day is at it's hottest.
I'm not saying a fish can't be had at all, during the day, just that the bugs and fish have a different schedule than ours.
Don't tell me fishing is tough, if you won't adjust the way/time you approach them.
The value of Fly Fishing may be finding out about how the rest of the universe lives,
not just about "the color of the sky, in your world".