Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fishing seasons

Guide season is in full swing, so, I've had little time for blogging.
I apologize for slacking.
August is apparently the high point of interest in fishing. Folks lining the banks looking for fish love. Where were they in March (BWO's), or April (march browns), or May (SKWALLAS!!!!)??
Funny, how when the fishing gets toughest, some people feel the need most.
Since I fish/guide year-round, I get consistent feed-back from the fish.
"They" appreciate the time fishermen are distracted by other activities.
Ski season seems to be their favorite. Baseball/Football season figures in as well.
Slowly it's dawned on me, that there are two kinds of people in life, fishers and
The former has a full blown case of fish mania that they just can't shake. These folks do what they need to do, and go where they need to go, whatever time of year, to speak with fish one-on-one.
The latter approaches the activity mostly as a consumer, getting in line, buying the "stuff" necessary to participate, and playing during "the season".
I'm not saying everybody should put on snowshoes and attack at dawn in Dec.
Just that, the shoulder seasons are kinder to the fish, and fishermen as well.
Right now, we have a small hatch window in the morning, and an even smaller window in the evening. The pm water temps on the Truckee River near town are disturbingly high 70+.
That leaves just mornings to hit the water with hope of a meeting with Walter, and not doing him harm in the process.
The hot tip right now, if you see a bug on land, in the air, or on the water, drown it.
Few to no noses rising right now. Nights are already getting slightly cooler, soon the temps will start dropping and "fishing season" will gain momentum again.


"Take care of your fishery, and it will take care of you."