Friday, August 13, 2010

Truckee Challenge

The consensus from many fishermen polled, is that the Truckee River isn't an especially easy piece of water.
I know a guy who fishes it a bunch, and figures he catches a fish for every ten hours he fished.
Fishing this river year-round for a few years now has led me to believe, that's close to true.
You have to wonder why so many are loyal to a river that doesn't let us look like "fish hero's" very often.
For me, I like the bar set high. Doing the easy thing, has not had a large appeal in my life.
But, guiding the Truckee is really raising the bar.
Taking someone who rarely fishes, or is a total beginner, to a fish here is one of the hardest things I've attempted.
When we do get lucky, the river gives it's best. Wild colorful fish with the ability to leave you standing there wondering what happened?
I call it, "A short meeting with Walter".
A good fishing friend called me to share a fish tale yesterday.
He told me, he'd been fishing down in the deepest darkest heart of the canyon, and he turned a fine fish. The fish made the jump to warp speed, and headed downstream to Reno.
Realizing he needed to run to keep him on, my friend followed as fast as he could over broken slippery boulders. Glancing up to see where the fish was still going, he missed a step.
A hard fall followed. He tore his waders, got seven stitches in his leg, lost his nymph box (Tragic), and broke off a twenty+ incher (More tragic!).
He called this morning to ask if I wanted to join him fishing the Truckee.
The next time you go fishing here, and feel like whining about the spanking you received from the river, remember how bad it can be.... then, suck it up and go fish.
They are in there*.

*Edit note, My friend called to say, he got blanked the next day, the day after he landed a 25" brown, the next a 23"brown.