Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Geese taking off at dawn, headed south. Coolish temps in the high country at night.
Smoke on the water in the mornings, and squirels dropping lots of pine cones.
Fall feels just around the corner.
I teach people to see the water they visit as a new expirience every time, even if they visit it everyday.
Most humans search for the consistant patterns to capitalize on, even when they fish.
If Fly Fishing has taught me anything, it's that there isn't a constant, only change.
Those that fish well, are immersed in this moment.
Work in a fly shop for a while, and you'll see a fisherman walk in, straight to the fly bins, pick out a Royal Coachman (or whatever). The story you extract from him will run along the lines of
"Fourth of July back in '76, I caught a monster, on the RC. from that rock by the bridge."
" It's the only fly I use."
Talk about stuck in the past. Does he relly think fish follow habits like he does? A script?
This year in May, "normally" a muddy water month, we had clear water and an amazing Skwalla emergence.
June was mudded up, and our green drake hatch fizzled.
Fish live in a flux state. It is different everyday, every hour, every moment.
We live in this same state, but continue, for comforts sake, to seek predictability.
It makes our life easier , if we know the market's going up, or Tigers going to win again.
Life doesn't always go according to plan eh?

Raise your fishing odds, and overall awareness, "BE HERE NOW!"