Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello-serious jonesing

My apologies all, three months without a post?
My oldest fishing buddy passed.
Dad made it to 85, or close enough.
This entailed a major fix-up/sale rally on the house, and an extended stay in a deserty zone north of LA.
I haven't seen moving water for the whole time.
Been having fish dreams at night. Stopped a couple times next to a flood catchment basin to see if something might rise. A basin fish maybe?
I'm not sure I could withstand a jones much stronger than I'm experiencing right now.
Serious shakes, that will be addressed as soon as I hit the year-round section of the Owens River.
The second phase of recovery will be to soak my bones in a hot spring!
Following that, I'll walk into hot creek, to see if fish are there.
Then the east walker for a spell.
Finally back to my home waters of the Truckee. Hope Walter is glad to see me.
Lots of thoughts to share about fishing, but I'll wait till I wet a line.
Hope you're all well.