Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spreading the word.

I have seen many people, avoid even the mention of the term "fly fishing".
Literally, hold up their hand, and turn their head away.
Closing the subject before you can get started.
I don't blame them really.
Those that participate in this sport seem to speak in tongues.
Some vibrate with so much excitement, you worry whether your CPR skills are current.
Others spew Latin to the point, you wonder if English is their second language.
The occasion for water influenced philosophy/poetry seems to increase per capita as well.

After a few years, you learn not everyone is crazy about the subject.
You figure out when it's OK or not, to share the good word (FLYFISHING).
Here included are a few examples from my travels.

Generally, a dissertation on rise forms and their correlation to insect activity,
will not work as a pick-up line at a party.
If the guy checking, at the grocery store fishes, try to keep the conversation short to prevent bad PR in the lengthening line of shoppers behind you (especially if he's a steel-header).
Fly rod brand, loyalty oaths loudly stated, can cause a fight in the right/wrong company.
Always establish subtly, who owns what kind, and, how many there are of them.
Having a stated preference for a fly, or fly style can generate heat too.
For example, never suggest broadly in mixed company, that an indicator is the only way to fish.

Although I get out quite a bit, my shakes (somewhat lessened over time) can still flair up.
I have learned a few terms in the dead language, but only take them out for special occasions.
One can learn to choose an audience wisely.
If you notice the listeners eyes kind of glaze over, or eye lids slide to half mast, segue to the weather.
Of course if it's overcast, that could lead back to the epic Blue-wing-olive hatch that day.
Come to think of it, there is no safe topic, everything leads back to fly fishing.
But, don't think for a moment that this sport falls into the category of an obsession.
This activity is just incredibly broad, deep, as well as fun.
So, spread the word, just be careful who you tell .