Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fish Ninja's

Sitting by a bush, watching fish the other day.
Slow movement out of the corner of my eye, caught my attention.
Creeping up the stream was a fish Ninja.
I could tell, because he was dressed like I was.
Camo hat, Olive shirt, darker waders, and a very low, stealthy approach.
He carried two rods held low, one rigged with a dry, the other rod rigged for nymphing.
Dropping one rod in a bush, he crawled towards the water.
He made a short cast, sidearm, and dropped his bobber into the foam seam and did a quick mend.
A nice fish immediately ate his offering, and he directed it downstream.
I laughed, and he saw me for the first time.
With a smile he nodded, and continued to school the fat rainbow he had on.
After the release, he waved and crept off through the bushes for the next one.

When you come here to fish, remember, there are people who spend a lot of time around here training fish. The fish dislike all the attention, and raise the bar on the entry level of fishers.
I constantly see people who wear a white shirt, and stroll up to the water, make a few ill considered false casts, and then splat something (not on the menu), on the head of a spooky fish.

If you burn to catch the best fish anyone has seen (or you've seen), you may consider improving the game you use.
When you hear 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish, this is a big part of it.

Most importantly, don't let them see or hear you coming.
Next most important, get the drift, the first attempt. No flailing please.
The bugs have a scedule, the fish follow it, so should you.
Do some research, seine the water, turn over a couple of rocks, just sit and gaze into the air.
If you raise your game, fish stats will improve.
When you do land a fatty, get your hands wet first, before you handle them.
Leave them in the water, tell the fish how beautiful it is, how well it fought.
When they go to school next time, it just might put in a good word for you.
"That guy with the camo hat was cool."
Every little bit helps.