Sunday, May 1, 2011

Game on!

Hope you all got out on the water for the 1st day of the season.
It was a big water opener here on the Truckee.
Water flows below-town, are serious.
Above town it's a fish-able 70 cfs, and a sweet, sea-foam green.
Skwallas are still running around. Bwo's, and March browns are out.
Snow is mostly gone in town, a few drifts in the shade. Spring has sprung.
The big water can deter a fisherman who is limited to throwing dries.
But, if one is willing to change it up, the fish are still there.
At these flows it's not time to wade, just get "bank sneaky".
If you think like a fish, you will understand how heavy flows move them to the bottom, and sides of the river.
Slack/edge water is easier on them energy wise.
Water temps are 47-52, so they won't be actively chase stuff very far.
Do a quick seine for a look at the menu.
Then rig with lighter weight, and offer your flies on a perfectly slow drift near shore.
Find a foam-line that looks good, and look for a spot where it bumps a shore boulder.
Drop your offering into the line, and bump line downstream to the good spot.
You might even meet Walter.
Landing him is another story.