Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fish the flood!

OK, so it's spring again (well almost). We got another dusting last night.
The ground is too warm to accept snow at this point.
The problem is, the water temps drop when it melts and flushes in.
This change retards the bugs, and therefore the fish.
Reset the season by a week at least.
Having said that, they can't leave the water, or give up food totally.
Drive up-stream from town a ways, find the flows that suit your fancy.
Check the bug menu with your seine, pick a portion or two, to serve'em.
Now do the sneaky creep to stream edge.
Find some soft water, near the inside of a bend, and present with light weight, rigged shallow.
Takes are light, so be heads up.
Aquatic annelids abound during high flows, red-brown would be a good choice.
A few BWO's around, and March browns still. Not dry fly time though.
Saw a skwalla this week, so a nymph might still be a good call, or drown an adult on a warm afternoon..
Little black baetis nymphs have been working for me.
You can wait till July this year for dry fly fishin', or learn how to fish the flood.
Speaking strictly for myself, I can't wait that long for a fish.
I always say in these flows, before you make a perfect cast, and a perfect drift, with the perfect fly, consider where you can run first.
Should be a great year for the fish, maybe us as well!