Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looking around.

Took a walk on the water, in a drizzle. Beautiful flows, no bugs at all.
Water temps holding at 42 deg. We have slipped back into EARLY Spring.
When the fishing is slow, I have a chance to look around.
Today, I noticed all the old stumps in this area were torn apart.
Mister bear has been looking for some grub, or grubs actually.
Hard times right now, no berries popping yet.
Wet, cold, hungry, and can't go back to bed yet.
Pretty much the same for me.
Most locals have stated they are over it.
Bring on the warmth of summer!
Micro flowers are beginning to bloom, but otherwise we are in a holding pattern.
Been having some success with micro may patterns, and Baetis nymphs.
Most Rainbows are post spawn now, and feeling tired/satisfied and are waiting for bugmania.
Some larger Brown trout have been eating the bows eggs.
With the end of the spawn, the browns are searching for another tasty treat.
With higher flows a worm would be a good choice.
Walking in the woods on the way back to the car, I discovered a worm orgy just ending.
BIG worms crawling around, made it hard to walk without stepping on them.
Life force carries on, in spite of the weather.