Monday, August 29, 2011

August II

River flows are coming down, and water temps are going up. About 72 above town.
We've hit the late summer slowdown.....
Early morn is so nice now, just a fall chill, then baking the rest of the day.
Lots of rafters, and floaties on the river all day long.
I go out just after dawn, catch a couple, then take care of business till evening, then say hi to them again at dark.
Guiding is slowing down, after a busy month.
Kids are back in school.
Far fewer fishermen out on the water.
Now is the time to begin stalking a dream fish, instead of dreaming of fishing.
A friend fished over the same tough brown for three days before landing him.
Practice, practice, practice.....
Fish are thinking about putting on weight for winter, and that helps to catch them.
These are the most difficult fish I've met, and well worth the time and energy to meet'em.
The bonanza of bugs we've had is slowing down, a few less everyday.
For the first time they are really starting to look at grass hoppers.
I love to drown one and see a fish come from nowhere to eat!
Squirrels are dropping pine cones already, and we had a localized light frost this morning.
Folks are laying in wood and painting, and coating their driveways and otherwise acting as busy as the squirrels......