Friday, August 5, 2011


It's August already.
Dawn attacks are pretty good right now......
Mid-day can be slow, but evenings are amazing.
Caddis flies are fluttering in numbers that strike both a newby, and seasoned fisher alike, as incredible.
Fun, just standing in the river watching all the biomass silhouetted against the glowing sky, just after the sun sets.
Don't want to breath through your mouth, because you will be eating them.
They flutter into nose, ears, and down your your shirt.
When you stop to consider how many get eaten before they reach "fulfillment", that is adulthood, and mating, it boggles the mind.
It's fascinating watching the pupal forms drifting and swimming slowly to the surface.
Once there, they step through the surface tension, and almost instantly another life form
appears. A winged adult from an aquatic life form.
About as real, and now, as it gets.
The trout sure like them.