Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good times!

The phone started ringing again, and I started running.
I guess the word is out, that it's time to fish.
Beautiful is what's going on up here.
River flows are green/clear and stable. (54 deg)
The bug menu has grown noticeably this week.
Large Golden stones are flying.
Grass hoppers hopping.
PMD's floating towards the sky.
Several types of Caddis are fluttering about.
Green Drakes are around here and there.
Finding more rising fish everyday.
Last night, some Bows were chasing dries, dolphin-style.
A meal, and air-time too.
Few things make it harder to tie on a fly, than fish jumping all around.
But I've learned to hang tough in the crunch.....

All the summer players are on stage.
Humming birds arrived exactly when the flowers bloomed. Go figure...
The baby Geese aren't babies anymore.
Beavers are slaving away.
Deer are in velvet.
Mosquitoes are making up for lost time.
As both, fishing and non-fishing folks have landed.
Thankfully, the whining buggers are equal opportunity biters...

We had an amazing full moon rise, with alpine glow skies this week.
I spent time watching it for you guys.
After 8 months of chillyness, the fact that I can wear a T-shirt from dawn to well after dusk,
is hard to fully share.
Maybe, you should just come up?
It won't get any better.