Thursday, October 6, 2011

October on the T

Nature delivered the first snow of the year over the last few days.
After raining most of the night it started snowing in mini-squalls.
Maybe 2" total, and most of that is already melting/melted.
Whitened pines this morning, and green now, a few hours later.
This snow will swell the creeks, tempting feisty browns to spar, and win a female.
This is the time of year to put things on hold if you seriously fish.
Male Browns are known for being tough to catch, Fall is an exception.
They get distracted, temperamental, and territorial.
Try a streamer just for fun, during the day, but especially at night.
They tend to hunt/move under cover of darkness.
I fish like this, right up to the spawn, in a couple of weeks.
I don't fish over spawning fish, but love to sneak up on a pair romancing.
They isolate themselves, and the world shrinks to just them and the task at hand....
Guess that makes me a fish voyeur.

Nymphing can be spotty this time of year. Small Baetis, PEDs, and a few Oct. Caddis.
Try soft hackles.

Watched "Master Burk" land 4 fish, out of 8 grabs, the night before last, on dries....
Find a pod of risers, and get a perfect drift, with a sz 20-22 light-colored baetis dry.
I recommend a fresh 13' 5-6x leader. Set softly, sometimes there are big guys mixed in with those little noses you see..
Heard Canada Geese flying over last night about 3 AM. Headed south....
Winter's coming soon, get out there while you can.