Wednesday, November 9, 2011


November is starting off chilly willy. Days are in the mid forties.
Several recent nights have frozen the water inside my ice chest, while stored in my camper..
The last little storm has left patchy snow, and a few less leaves of color on the trees.
Most of our summer birds have headed south. The woods are getting more quiet.
The river has come up slightly, and it's color is clear/green and 49 deg.
A fishing sweet-spot seen in winter is beginning. Miday,(11:00-1:00) is good.
Few bugs are popping, but Baetis are the stars right now. The adult is reddish brown with clear/white wings sz 22. Few risers, but they are eating the nymphs/emergers.
The size of the fish doesn't matter, if all they see to eat are small bugs, they're gonna eat'em... Combined with light leaders, and a good drift of course.

The Brown Trout are almost on the spawn now. It would be better for them, if we gave them less fishing pressure. They are too easy a catch, to be tooo proud of it..
Rainbows, on the other hand...... are posting up downstream from the browns.
Partly because they have been driven from a portion of the river by the browns.
And partly, because natures creatures don't generally waste an easy meal.
It's a little too early for the brown's eggs to be available to them, but you know they are looking....
Midges, and BWOs are a factor as well. When it's cloudy check slick water for risers.
There isn't a huge menu now for the fish, but they still have to keep the calories coming.
This is the time of year that angling becomes more challenging, but it's satisfying as well.
All summer, people show up in droves, flogging seriously spooked fish.
Now there are fewer on the water, and many of those I've met before.
Often, they are fishing friends, or fishers that I often see prowling, and other guides done for the season, and fishing for themselves for a change.
All, are people of conviction, who are willing to put in the effort.
Extra clothes, extra care in our steps.
Fishing light leaders that give fish the advantage, not because we want's just that the water is clear/low and the fish are jaded from a "long" Summer.
These fishermen/women fishermen may endure a fish-less session, and cold fingers to boot.
On the other hand, they may meet a fish of dreams.
You won't know, if you don't go.
See you on the water.