Sunday, December 4, 2011


We have enjoyed a slow start to the serious part of Winter.
Patchy snow down near town allows us to get around to fish.
The roads are all clear, and we don't have construction going on every road either.
Forest service roads are gated, and campgrounds are closed.
Don't forget to park off the road this time of year.
Day time temps are pleasent out of the wind, and in the sun. But the shade feels a cool 40ish.
Night time temps are 6 deg. Water temp slowly coming down, mid 40s right now.
The lower winter flows, along with clear water, means this is time to approach them with care.
Lighter tippet 4x-5x. Being gentle with footsteps, and casts helps too.
This is a plesant time to fish. Quiet and slow paced. Few bugs on the menu means less stressing about fly choice..
Put on a clump midge or BWO in small sizes 20-22. Then get the drift.

American Dippers are our only feathered company on the water now.
It always amazes me that they stay for the duration. Paired up....
The Squirrels are getting some last cheeks full of seeds before they are all buried by snow.
The sound of new studded tires is wide-spread.
A few folks are still laying in firewood, and sweeping the yard for things that shouldn't lay out all Winter.
but most of us are ready...
Happy Holidays all.....